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PUBG Player Lands Back-to-Back 711m Head Shots

A PUBG player posted an insane clip when he landed two back-to-back 711m head shots for a duo wipe.

Strap in boys, it's a doozy.

PUBG PC and PUBG Xbox are in great places currently. PUBG PC recently saw some massive changes with a graphic update to Erangel. PUBG Xbox saw a new weapon and quick looting additions. PUBG Corp even released a video breaking down all new additions for console including the new controller preset.

Lead project manager for PUBG consoles Joon H. Choi explained in the video that the new controller preset was designed to make moving, aiming, leaning and firing during combat independent of one another. Choi says this will let players "have less difficulty navigating the environment and better focus on combat."

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp