PUBG Player Lands Nearly 600-Meter Snipe

This PUBG sniper landed a shot from nearly 600 meters away.
This PUBG sniper landed a shot from nearly 600 meters away. / Courtesy of PUBG Corp

PUBG is only nominally a game about being the last fighter standing at the end of a massive battle royale. In reality, it is a contest to see who can land a sniper shot from the longest possible distance, perhaps the ultimate stunt, and measure of a player's worth, in the game.

This clip, posted to the PUBG Console subreddit Friday by u/call-me-smack, is a worthy entry in the long tradition of staggeringly distant sniper shots.

The video begins with call-me-smack scouring the frozen Vikendi countryside through a massive scope mounted atop their Kar98k bolt action sniper rifle. Their gaze lands upon a pair of players on a distant mountain, and just like that the game is afoot.

A truly diligent sniper, call-me-smack opens their map and measures the approximate distance between their position and that of their targets. They then close the map, adjust their zeroing, and place the crosshairs over one enemy's head. They pull the trigger, and a bullet leaps out of their barrel.

A second of quiet. And then a spray of blood as the enemy's head explodes, knocking them down instantly. The final distance: 574 meters. Not too shabby.