PUBG Player Lands Ridiculously Long Crossbow Shot

A PUBG Xbox player posted his insane clip of landing a Crossbow shot from on top of a mountain. The player says the crossbow is a "AWM with Strings" and this clip makes me a believer.

Try landing this shot!

The player sees two enemy players far in the distance, basically two black specks on his screen. He notices one down and one running toward his friend. He fires and misjudges the distance, reloads and perfectly lands a shot on the player that was just revived.

The bolt streaks across the map and perfectly dings the player. I can only wonder how the enemy squad reacted. It's extremely difficult to tell where a crossbow bolt is being shot from especially at that distance.

PUBG is surprisingly in a good spot after a recent report showed Fortnite's drastic drop since 2018 while PUBG has remained roughly the same.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp