PUBG Player Lands Underneath the Map Due to Glitch

PUBG Player glitches through map after landing.
PUBG Player glitches through map after landing. / Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS glitches aren't uncommon and another player falls victim to one as they drop beneath the map.

Redditor u/Sk8zero posted their clip of their first game back after a break from the game since the addition of bots in Patch 7.1. This break since mid-April has not stopped the player being a victim of PUBG glitches as the player unluckily was on the receiving end immediately into the game.

Here is what happened:

PUBG Player Lands Under Map Due to Glitch

Redditor u/Sk8zero jumped out of the plane and was descending closer to the ground with the parachute. The map is not fully rendered yet but the outlines and shape structures are all visible, including the other players.

As the player reaches the ground, close to another player who is standing on the ground, the parachute and player slips right through the ground and building. The game glitches for a second as it cuts off the parachute, moves the player below the building, than back above, also moving the player around a small area in where they would've landed on the ground.

In the end, the player slides below the map and building, unable to reach the surface due to the depth of the hole. As the map continues to render and become clearer and more detailed, the player can now also see the individual areas of the building they are under. In addition, the player could see their teammate walk through a door of the building.

Comments once again attacked PUBG, with many referring to competitor Call of Duty: Warzone as a better alternative as it is less broken and free. One comment said that the PUBG community has given PUBG Corp enough chances.

PUBG Corp has fixed some glitches and bugs but some reappear or new ones are spotted. Eliminating the entire issue for all maps and games would be the ideal situation but it is yet to be completed. Until then, and maybe the removal of bots, will the PUBG community be fully satisfied.