PUBG Player Plays Chicken with Speeding UAZ

The M249 is a powerful weapon. Its high per-bullet damage and massive ammo capacity make it especially effective at shredding enemy vehicles. Reddit user u/Spencer513 decided to put that effectiveness to the test, sharing the explosive results to the PUBG Xbox One subreddit Saturday.

In the clip, Spencer513 encounters an enemy player in a solo Erangel game driving by in a UAZ. Spencer513 opens fire on the UAZ, but it drives out of range before the car explodes.

Spencer513 knows the fight isn't over, so they circle around to hide behind their buggy, waiting just offscreen. They reload their M249 with its last 54 bullets as the UAZ comes roaring back toward them, looking to run them down.

With a flair for the dramatic, Spencer513 steps out from behind their buggy, waits until the UAZ comes into range, then starts unloading on the approaching vehicle. The bullets riddle the front of the UAZ, but it looks as though it will survive the onslaught and crush Spencer513 until, at the last moment, the truck explodes, flying just over their head.

It's a scene straight out of an action movie, and a perfect example of why PUBG can be such an exciting game.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp