PUBG Player Pulls Off Fly-By Headshot

This flying headshot is something like magic
This flying headshot is something like magic / PUBG Corp, via u/NinjaSawce

PUBG's Motor Gliders have added a vital new dimension to the game's highlights, allowing players to perform incredible feats of murder from new literal and metaphorical heights.

This clip, posted to the PUBG console subreddit Monday by u/NinjaSawce, is a perfect example of that new high-flying dynamism. NinjaSawce begins the clip soaring over the arid desert of Miramar looking for action.

Eventually, they spy some conflict on a rooftop to the west. Throwing caution to the wind, NinjaSawce swaps to the backseat of the Motor Glider while in mid-air and tries to line up a shot on the lone figure standing on the rooftop. Their first shot whiffs, but they go for a second.

The trigger clicks, and almost instantly the enemy crumples as the game informs NinjaSawce they've killed the other player with a headshot from over 200 meters away. The odds of such a shot landing must be astronomical, but maybe it's better not to know them. When the world presents magic, take it for just that.