PUBG Player Pulls Off Outrageous Glider Play

This PUBG player turned a stunt into a stunning kill.
This PUBG player turned a stunt into a stunning kill. / Courtesy of PUBG Corp

Violent as it is, PUBG can also inspire pacific endeavors. Players interrupt those peaceful experiments at their own peril.

This clip, posted to the PUBG Console subreddit Friday by u/dannhrhanks, shows exactly what can go wrong when one tries to upset a player who isn't looking for trouble.

As the video begins, dannhrhanks is trying to pilot a glider through a bridge on Erangel as a test of their stunt flying chops. About a quarter of the way through the tricky flight a bridge camper opens fire on their glider, throwing a wrench in their plans.

Trying to avoid the shots, dannhrhanks accidentally slams into one of the crossbeams on the bridge. This pops their glider up into a double loop-de-loop before it slams into the group, forcing them to bail. Once out of the glider, they have no weapon equipped, putting them at the mercy of the bridge camper.

But the camper fumbles spectacularly, allowing dannhrhanks time to draw their own rifle and shoot them full of holes. That's just karmic justice for disrupting a sweet stunt.