PUBG Player Pulls Off Squad Wipe with a Sliver of Health

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS' inherent chaos makes it prone to absurd moments. As much as skill factors in the game's firefights, luck and happenstance also play a major part. In the heat of battle, it can be tough to tell where skill ends and divine providence begins.

That chaos is well captured in this clip, courtesy of Reddit user Irish_12_. The footage opens on Irish_12_, known in-game as French_Fry6, running to aid their duo partner, TandK. TandK is already in an encounter in the buildings along the southern road of Erangel’s main island, and enemies are peppering them with bullets.

Irish manages to take down one player, dropping to around 30% health while TandK is knocked down off-screen. Wheeling to help their teammate, Irish retraces their steps and finds the enemy who knocked TandK hiding in a closet. Irish rushes the other player and sprays them down with an SKS at close range, eliminating the duo.

When Irish turns to pick up their teammate, yet another player opens fire on them. The final assailant hops the wall, and the two blast each other. Irish comes out ahead, but only by the tiniest sliver of health, having eliminated two duos and saved his teammates with a pixel of HP left in the bar.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp