PUBG Player Receives Instant Karma

This PUBG player got instant karma for shooting out tires
This PUBG player got instant karma for shooting out tires /

No one in PUBG deserves more ire from the community than the criminals who go around popping the tires of unused vehicles. These villains play purely to spite their opponents, using pure inconvenience as a weapon in the battle for ultimate survival. So to see one get the comeuppance they deserve is a paramount satisfaction.

In this clip by u/Ziptex223, posted to the PUBG subreddit Friday, karma comes quick to the tire fighter.

Driving the roads outside of Severny, Ziptex223 pulled over their Dacia to take out a buggy lying un-driven on the side of the road. They left their Dacia with the motor running to do the deed, and the car slowly rolled away as they shot out the buggy's tires.

When Ziptex223 turned to re-enter their Dacia, they realized how far it had rolled away and ran after it. Sprinting to catch up, they desperately mashed the 'F' key to jump into the car, but PUBG refused to let them. The Dacia rolled on, picking up speed as it began to descend a hill.

Finally, Ziptex223 was forced to give up as the Dacia outstripped their speed. Standing at the hilltop, they watched the Dacia roll down, down, and finally straight into a river. All because of their random act of unkindness.

That's what you get, Ziptex223.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp