PUBG Player Shows How to Properly Use the Spike Trap

A PUBG player showcased the best way to use the new spike traps and it's pretty effective. The best part of the clip is the anticipation. While the player throws down the smoke, you don't see anyone in the distance.

Then slowly the camera pans down, and you'll see a buggy coming in the distance.

The best part of using the smoke is the appeal to drive through it. Players use smoke to cover allies when they go down or if you need to revive someone, so the enemy player saw the smoke and wanted to run someone over. The driver actually looked like he was going around the smoke, until he thought better of it. How wrong he was.

He hit the spike traps and spinned out of control with two of his tires popped. He immediately started getting shot and our Redditor earned his kill.

Plays like these are what make PUBG special.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp