PUBG Player Slain By Cactus

This PUBG player met the business end of a cactus
This PUBG player met the business end of a cactus /

PUBG vehicle physics aren't always the game's strongest suit. Though cars usually drive realistically across the landscape, they just as frequently find themselves fidgeting against geometry, shaking and seizing until they ultimately combust in fiery death.

In this clip from PUBG player u/mariojohnny, posted to the PUBG subreddit Saturday, players can see for themselves just how faulty the vehicle physics can be.

Mariojohnny was driving slowly through the hills and backyards of Impala, on the east side of Miramar. Their dune buggy took the bumps with relative ease until, all at once, it didn't.

Despite mariojohnny taking care to drive around the small cactus outside of the church, the game decided they hadn’t been careful enough. The vehicle was pulled back to the cactus as though it had collided at speed.

Mariojohnny failed to react in time, continuing to chug slowly forward, and when their rear wheel struck the cactus for the second time it forced the entire lower half of the buggy into the ground. There, the buggy spasmed once before exploding and instantly killing mariojohnny.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp