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PUBG Player Snipes Distant Glider

Flying won't keep you safe in PUBG.
Flying won't keep you safe in PUBG. | Courtesy of PUBG Corp

Conventional knowledge holds that taking to the skies brings safety. If you're several thousand feet in the air, how can anything on the ground hurt you?

With a high powered sniper rifle, apparently. This clip, posted to the PUBG subreddit Monday by u/rowBrow, blows a 7.62-sized hole in the fly-to-safety theory.

RowBrow was minding their own business on the first floor of an Erangel house when they saw a glider flying by in the distance. Having nothing better to do, rowBrow decided to toss out a few potshots on the off-chance they could knock the pilot out of the sky.

The first shot goes wide. So does the second. The glider grows smaller by the second. RowBrow lines up a third shot, likely the last chance they'd have before the glider moves beyond their field of view. A full second of hang time later, blood explodes out of the glider, and the pilot's now-headless body plummets to the earth. Final distance? A staggering 616 meters.