PUBG Player Snipes Driver from Over 500 Meters

This PUBG player hit a 550 meter snipe on a driving target
This PUBG player hit a 550 meter snipe on a driving target / Courtesy of PUBG Corp

Every PUBG player dreams of hitting an absurdly long-distance sniper shot. It's among the most respected feats in the game, and draws admiration from across the community.

This shot, brought to the PUBG Console subreddit Wednesday by u/Thesteelman86, defies belief. After looting some remote houses on Erangel, Thesteelman86 sees an enemy driving away from the compound on a bike and buggy. Thesteelman86 fires a few shots with their SLR but doesn't manage to finish off the kill before the biker gets over a ridge and out of sight.

Thesteelman86 chases on foot in what should be a foolish hope to complete the kill. When they reach the ridge, they see the bike in the distance and decide to fire off a few shots to try their luck. One, two, three shots miss as the biker keeps rolling. Then, the biker flies off a jump, and Thesteelman86 fires one last shot.

There's silence for what feels close to a full second. Then blood explodes out of the biker, and the notification pops: YOU killed DanieLSU21 with SLR (551m).

More than 500 meters away! A truly impressive shot.