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PUBG Player Somehow Survives Being Crushed Between Two Vehicles

Sometimes you get lucky.
Sometimes you get lucky. | Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp

PUBG can be absurd sometimes. We've all had crazy moments in the game and most of them happen with vehicles. The engine and physics of moving vehicles in PUBG tend to not work at times and to this day, the most dangerous move in PUBG is driving a three-wheel motorcycle.

And yet, sometimes vehicles fail to kill enemies when you run them over.

Redditor Bigbuzzwell posted the clip and showed off his sweet driving skills. During a solo match, Bigbuzzwell was driving around a compound when he saw an enemy player laying the grass currently shooting at another player. Both vehicles made a beeline toward the enemy player and crashed into each other with him in the middle. Instead of being smashed, his body was flung ten feet away, but still alive.

Bigbuzzwell shot the player in the other car, while that player finished off the guy on the ground. And just like that, both players were dead. What a strange set of events.