PUBG Player, Surrounded, Somehow Survives and Wins

This PUBG player survived without real cover to win their match.
This PUBG player survived without real cover to win their match. / Photo by PUBG Corp

As in real-world combat, to be surrounded in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is an absolute tactical nightmare. No cover is safe, as the bullets can come from every side. There is no viable way to return fire, as choosing one target leaves you open to a rebuttal from another. It's an altogether untenable situation.

And yet, in this clip, posted to the PUBG Console subreddit Friday by u/Rollingpxper, they managed not only to survive, but to win the entire match.

All their teammates dead, Rollingpxper rolled into the final five without support. They took cover behind a rock, but soon enough they were being peppered by shots from up the hill and down. For more than a minute they circle-strafed and desperately healed, taking shots to the abdomen every so often, unable to find safety.

Finally, one of their enemies tries to push them from down the hill. Rollingpxper dispatches that enemy, then another trying to push from their right, and finds a chance to rotate to new cover. Suddenly they are one of only two living players, and fighting on even footing for the first time. A few seconds later, Rollingpxper seizes on a peek, sniping their last living opponent to win the match.