PUBG Player Survives Three-Person Ambush

This PUBG player incredibly survived an ambush
This PUBG player incredibly survived an ambush | PUBG Corp, via u/mastako

In PUBG, nowhere is safe. Behind every tree, in every patch of grass, danger lurks. Sometimes playing PUBG means stumbling into a trap hidden just out of sight. But not every trap works as intended.

This clip, posted to the PUBG subreddit Thursday by u/mastako, begins with mastako rolling lazily up a hill outside Lipovka in a Dacia. The car comes to a quiet stop and mastako steps out only to see a figure rise from the grass uphill — an enemy had hidden in the grass.

The other player hits first, but mastako manages to spray them down with their AK-47. Before they drop, a second player appears from behind a bush and opens fire. Mastako transfers their aim to the other enemy, just surviving the onslaught of bullets to take the second enemy out only to see a third materialize. One last transfer and a spray, and mastako manages to kill all three players without dying themself.

Mastako, barely standing, goes to heal up behind the Dacia now that all the enemies are dead. Their teammates run off to loot, shamelessly profiting off of mastako's incredible clutch like a bunch of vultures.