PUBG Player Tanks Car Hit to Win Match

Photos taken moments before a disaster
Photos taken moments before a disaster /

It’s not every day you see a PUBG player take a full speed car to the thorax and keep kicking. That, and some good old fashioned grace under pressure, is what makes this clip so special.

Posted to the PUBG subreddit Friday, this clip by u/someonestoned56 is invigorating or infuriating based on your perspective. It begins with someonestoned56 taking cover behind a boulder as the outset of a tense top five. Across from them, they spot out and manage to kill two of the other four players before one tries to cross the open field between them.

After knocking down the runner, someonestoned56 turned their sights on the vehicle speeding toward them. Their shots ping off the hood of the car and it barrels straight into them, sending them flying several meters through the air.

They land at half health, and the driver bails out of the vehicle directly in front of them. The two players frantically spray bullets at one another and, against all odds, someonestoned65 comes out the victor.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp