PUBG Player Threads the Needle with Grenade

PUBG grenade throws continue to surprise and impress
PUBG grenade throws continue to surprise and impress /

Who can resist a good Kobe? The long-odds grenade throw is always a crowd pleaser, especially when a little slow motion gets mixed in with it.

Reddit user u/Pomboyjoe is the latest to bring the goods on a wildly unlikely PUBG grenade toss. Running through a field on Erangel, they wound up to chuck their frag grenade at a nearby building. Though it seems likely they were aiming for the roof, where a player was firing out at players in the surrounding countryside, they hit a much more exciting target instead.

Falling short of the roof, the grenade instead slipped through a tiny window in the second story to land at the feet of a completely unsuspecting player. The explosion instantly killed the enemy inside, leaving them utterly bewildered in a way only PUBG can provide.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp