PUBG Player Throws Perfect Grenade

This PUBG Player must have been inspired by the start of the NFL season
This PUBG Player must have been inspired by the start of the NFL season | Photo Courtesy of PUBG Corp

Throwing perfectly aimed grenades are usually paired with the phrase "Kobe!" in reference to the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant. But with the start of the NFL season, it seems as though this PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS player channeled their inner-quarterback as well and threw a perfect grenade.

Watch how Redditor u/Afrothrunder82 gets an easy two for one deal.

In the beginning of the clip, we find Afrothunder82 finding an unsuspecting player looting a drop. Afrothunder82 possibly stumbled into one of their easier kills for the game as they line up their shot. But instead of taking the easy shot, the Redditor opts to use a frag grenade instead.

As Afrothunder82 throws the grenade, however, another vehicle comes in from the left and drives into the targeted player's car. By pure coincidence and timing, the grenade goes off right after the two cars hit which inevitably kills both opposing players. This was indeed the perfect grenade throw. If Afrothunder82 had waited even 5 seconds more, he possibly would have missed two easy kills. As for the player that drove in from the side, they must have been more than surprised when they died almost instantly after impact seeing they died from a grenade.