PUBG Player Too Tunnel-Visioned to See Glider Coming Straight At Them

A photo taken moments before disaster.
A photo taken moments before disaster. | Courtesy of PUBG Corp

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS requires intense focus, as players balance situational awareness with pinpoint shooting, often at long range. Occasionally that focus can become too narrow, leading to some unfortunate consequences. This is not one of those times.

In a video they posted to the PUBG subreddit Tuesday, u/Johny718 was in the top 10 of their duos match and firing across the circle at a pair of enemies. They take several shots before failing to notice a glider flying straight for them. Only when the glider appears to slam into them does Johny718 put down their scope.

But the glider doesn't hit them. Instead, it crashes into the tiniest of trees right next to them, sparing their life. The glider's occupants hop out, dazed and injured, and Johny718 pops each of them once with a shotgun, killing them both. Johny718 then immediately drops to the ground in disbelief that they survived the encounter, and thanking their lucky stars. Most victims of tunnel vision are not so lucky.