PUBG Player Trolls With Nothing but a Gas Can

There is a term in gaming called BM. It means bad manners. This is BM.
There is a term in gaming called BM. It means bad manners. This is BM. / Photo Courtesy of PUBG Corp

Sometimes it's good to relax in game and have a good time. Not every game is meant to be taken seriously and that is exactly the approach this PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS player takes.

Watch Redditor u/tjbssk8er117 reaches a new level of trolling.

Armed with nothing but a grenade, u/tbjssk8er117 finds another squad across the road. Instead of hiding due to a lack of weapons, they throw their only grenade out the window and somehow manage to knock a player.

Another factor that must be considered is that the Redditor's squad is either disconnected or dead which makes this clip even more ridiculous. After throwing the grenade, tbjssk8er117 finds that their only available weapon is a can of gas. So the only logical option is to run across the street to finish off the squad.

Tbjssk8er117 manages to clear a wall and finds the squad that he threw a grenade at and lays a trail of gas around them. However, another player begins to shoot at the Redditor and instead of running away, they lay in the gas. The opposing player may not have realized that there was gas as they shot at tbjssker117 and proceeds to set themselves on fire as well. The encounter results in a kill and a funny video for Reddit, what more could we ask for.