PUBG Player Turns Motor Glider Into Dive Bomber

Sometimes you have to go to extreme lengths to secure a drop
Sometimes you have to go to extreme lengths to secure a drop / Photo Courtesy of PUBG Corp

The Motor Glider in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is not armed, nor is it armored. It is far from a weapon, but this PUBG player turned it into a dive bomber and risked it all to get a drop. Besides the fact that they nearly died doing so, it at least looked cool.

Watch u/Sky_Soldier narrowly obtain a drop from an unsuspecting player.

There have been players who have turned the Motor Glider into a weapon by either dropping C4 out of the side or switching to the passenger seat to shoot at enemies. However, another way to weaponize the fragile glider is to fly it straight into players.

With a drop in sight, u/Sky_Soldier dives into an unsuspecting player looting the crate. After "landing," the Redditor opens fire and sprays and prays. The opposing player manages to land several shots almost killing Sky_Soldier before dying themselves. Although we don't get to see the loot in the drop, or if the enemy had already picked up the armor, therefore, damaging it, perhaps it was all worth it in the end. Sky_Soldier lived up to their name.