PUBG Player Uses Gas Can and Pan to Beat Duo

Sometimes the worst weapons can become the best weapons
Sometimes the worst weapons can become the best weapons / Photo Courtesy of PUBG Corp

Creativity and quick thinking are qualities that lead to success in the PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. This PUBG player has sub-optimal guns for the occasion but they still manage to send a duo back to the lobby with weapons you wouldn't expect.

Watch Redditor u/KidTheRedRanger use gas and a pan to cook a duo.

After failing to kill a duo with their guns, u/KidTheRedRanger decides to take another approach. Before jumping out of the second floor window to escape the more equipped enemy duo, KidTheRedRanger opens up a gas can and lights it on fire. This fire consequently kills one of the duo members.

After dropping out of the window, instead of fleeing, the Redditor circles back around and enters the house again. Instead of using a shotgun, they decide to throw a pan. Depending on where the last duo player is, this strategy could fail almost instantly. Luckily enough, the duo player is focused on the room that KidTheRedRanger jumped out of not the stairs. This allowed the Redditor to throw the pan and kill the duo player with a headshot.

In a troll play, one duo went from having good positioning to becoming a spectator all because of a gas can and pan.