PUBG Player Wins Hacienda with Dual Crossbows

PUBG player clears Hacienda with dual crossbows.
PUBG player clears Hacienda with dual crossbows. / Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp

PUBG player clears Hacienda with dual crossbows. While Miramar has its ups and downs, Hacienda is one of the map's most popular location. Shroud and many different streamers would land at Hacienda, causing it to be a congested drop despite being a small location.

While the popularity has gone down over the years, you'll still see three to four players drop in solo queue. Get a couple of kills and you'll have the whole place to yourself.

Using a crossbow in the early game can be rather successful. In third-person mode, sneak around the building and camp corners. In this situation, Redditor X1010101101011X ran across two enemy players fighting each other. So it was a rather easy situation to win. Taking a shot at one, the player then turned to the other who was running away, unaware of where the bolt came from. An easy two kills.

Then X1010101101011X ran back toward the building until they heard the third player. They used the third-person advantage and shot her as she popped out of the window.