PUBG Player Wins Match in the Most Hilarious Way Possible - With a Frying Pan

A PUBG streamer captured one of the most ridiculous kills and wins ever in the history of Battle Royale video games.
A PUBG streamer captured one of the most ridiculous kills and wins ever in the history of Battle Royale video games. / Photo by Chaz Frazer / DBLTAP

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS player and Twitch streamer Jake “ChocoTaco” Throop is used to winning battle royale matches. He is used to making split-second decisions and using his ingenuity to get the upper hand on his opponents. What he definitely is not used to is winning by throwing a cast-iron frying pan 40 feet up a ravine to head-shot an unfortunate soul and securing that chicken dinner. 

Yet, that is exactly what he did. In an act of perhaps using the frying pan as a distraction, ChocoTaco tossed a frying pan up a cliff and somehow, it found its mark. Yes, it doesn’t make sense, but it did serve to provide us with a clip that I have personally watched more than 20 times.

Chicken Dinner is Served

The irony of PUBG’s “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” iconic slogan is not lost here, as ChocoTaco no doubt later used that pan to cook up his victory meat in the most hilarious way possible. Here is how it went down.

In an end game situation, pinned behind a truck with his opponent having the high ground advantage, ChocoTaco seemingly was in the worst position possible to clutch out the match. A 1-v-1 situation with odds stacked against him, ChocoTaco decided to make a break for the cliff his opponent was on, win or lose. Even viewers in his stream were preemptively typing GG, not believing any amount of clutch could save him from the bad positioning he was in.

Taking the time to toss a frying pan from inventory up to the plateau the enemy was on - as a distraction or simply last-ditch effort, who knows - while he was busy reloading the poor bloke at the top was hit with the pan. Apparently cast-iron frying pans do a lot of damage (that might kill you in real life too) and the poor guy never stood a chance.

Whatever was going through the head of the opposing player as a huge 10 pound piece of cooking apparatus came flying at his head is unknown, but we can imagine it must have consisted of a blank stare of disbelief, and quite a bit of swearing. Deservedly so. We don't blame you at all random frying-pan victim guy. Nobody deserves that.