PUBG Player Wipes Clueless Squad with Two Shotguns

A squad wipe? With two shotguns?
A squad wipe? With two shotguns? / Photo by u/7852396541789632147.

Wouldn't it be nice to be given four kills on a silver platter? In a clip posted to the PUBG Console Reddit, user u/7852396541789632147 managed to get behind and the entire squad and wipe them with two S6B6 shotguns.

PUBG Players Wipes Clueless Squad with Two Shotguns

The encounter happens on a plateau in Miramar. The enemy squad ascends the cliff, back turned foolishly to the top. U/7852396541789632147 just happened to be above them and marks one of them before spotting the other three.

The first two are taken out with one shot each. Switching immediately to another shotgun, u/7852396541789632147 gets two on the third enemy. They then take cover to reload behind the rock, while the last player is unable to get a hit in before being taken out.

The entire encounter is a bit of a spectacle. Not only did u/7852396541789632147 have a disadvantage in numbers, but also in weaponry. In such an open area, a shotgun is not an effective weapon, let alone dual-wielded shotguns.

The enemy squad was distracted enough to not notice u/7852396541789632147 totally getting the drop on them.

Comments on the original thread praise the guts u/7852396541789632147 for running double shotguns on Miramar and taking the fight. Others commented about the enemy squad's total lack of awareness or skill. As u/threadender79 said, "Bots would have put up a better fight[.]"