PUBG Players Lay Explosive Trap

This PUBG player set the perfect trap.
This PUBG player set the perfect trap. / Courtesy of PUBG Corp

Ingenuity makes PUBG a much more exciting game, both to play and to watch. Taking an enemy out in a novel way means much more than the millionth full-auto body shot.

That's why this clip, posted to the PUBG Console subreddit Tuesday by u/MassholeThings, is so great. MassholeThings, who goes by Da Cucaracha in-game, set up a trap on one of Erangel's infamous bridges. They and their teammate placed two gasoline cans on the end of the bridge and lay in wait.

Eventually, the blue closed in, forcing other players to cross the bridge toward the trap. MassholeThings spotted a dune buggy carrying two enemies across the bridge, so they and their teammate set up on opposite sides of the bridge.

Just as the dune buggy passed the gasoline cans, MassholeThings and their teammate shot the two cans, instantly igniting them and blowing up the dune buggy. Both passengers were killed, marking a successful scheme by MassholeThings and company.