PUBG professional Na "Inonix" Hee-joo showed off exactly why he's on the South Korean national team Saturday, as he pulled off an incredible 3-v-1 in the second day of competition at the PUBG Nations Cup.

Late in the first match of Day 2, Inonix found himself as the only surviving member of Team South Korea. Only 11 PUBG players were still alive, and the circle had reached a constricting size.

While he took cover behind a rock, the three surviving members of Team Brazil set upon him. The three Brazilian players quickly realized their advantage, and fanned out to push Inonix from all sides.

Inonix drew first blood, tagging Alan "rustyzera" Alves down to half health, but he got as good as he gave. Suddenly he was at just below 50 health against three players.

The Brazilians pushed up toward the rock as Inonix tried to heal, a grenade interrupting his efforts. Through the dust from the grenade, Inonix took down Ricardo "Rdnx" Queiroz on one side of the rock. Peeking back over the other side, Inonix sprayed down rustyzera, leaving himself in a 1-v-1 against Andrey "and1FPS" Henrique.

In a last ditch effort, and1FPS sprinted and jump toward Inonix, hoping to catch him off-guard. Unbeknownst to him, Inonix had rotated around the rock and caught his opponent from behind, completing an unbelievable clutch for Team South Korea.

Team South Korea currently sits at the top of the leaderboard with 90 points. In second is Team Thailand with 74, followed by Team Russia with 69. The tournament concludes Sunday.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp