PUBG Random Duo Lives Up to Sterling Reputation

This duo partner wasn't interested in teamwork.
This duo partner wasn't interested in teamwork. | Courtesy of PUBG Corp

Playing with random teammates is always a roll of the dice. Occasionally you'll meet a wordless killing machine, or some goofball willing to mess around with you rather than trying their hardest for a win. But more likely you'll meet someone like the teammate in this clip.

PUBG console subreddit user u/doubletr, who posted this video Tuesday, had just started a match on Sanhok with a random duo partner. They found a level two vest and pinged it for their teammate before heading outside to manage their own inventory.

The teammate, off-screen, grabbed the vest and then followed doubletr outside. When they found doubletr prone in the grass, they did not thank them for the ping. They did not communicate some plan for future action. No, instead, they opened fire on doubletr without warning, killing them before they could respond, and looted their body. Such is life in random duos.