PUBG replay controls can be a bit unforgiving to first timers, but once you learn the controls, you'll have an easier time making videos or rewatching footage. However, things are limited.

Here's how to use the replay controls.

PUBG Replay Controls: How to Use the Replay System

PUBG replay controls can be tricky. First off, you'll need to wait at least three minutes for the replays to appear in the "Replays" tab. Once you find it, hop in!

Redditor ButterBiskit compiled a list of all the controls!

Toggle timeline On/Off - J
Jump to specific time - Left Click on point in timeline
Pause - P
Fast Forward - Up Arrow Key
Slow Down - Down Arrow Key
Back to your character - B
Move Camera Forwards, Backwards, Left, Right - W, A, S, D
Move Camera Up - E
Move Camera Down - Q
Camera Speed Up - Shift
Camera Speed Down - Ctrl
Open Player List - Tab
Move Free Camera to point on Map - Right Click on Map location

You can find the rest of the controls here!

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp