PUBG's Black Zone Could Reach Other Maps

PUBG's Black Zone may be added to the game's other maps
PUBG's Black Zone may be added to the game's other maps / PUBG Corp

The Black Zone, a feature on PUBG's newest map that destroys structures, could be retrofitted to the game's other maps, according to one PUBG developer.

Speaking to Eurogamer, PUBG Madison studio director Dave Curd said the Black Zone's chances to spread depend on the community's response.

"It all depends on the community," he said. "We're a game for fans, and if they don't like features we're not going to put it in. So I'm really curious to see if people are like, we want this in every map, or it's more of an interesting experiment."

The Black Zone is a more destructive variant of the Red Zone, a randomly selected area of the map on which mortars drop, destroying buildings as easily as players.

"It's been tremendously satisfying to see the clips on Reddit and on Twitter of players running through the Black Zone and freaking out," Curd said.

The Black Zone will arrive on PUBG PC live servers Saturday as part of Karakin's release. The new, 2x2 kilometer island hosts 64 players per match instead of PUBG's standard 100. It is one of many new additions coming in PUBG Season 6.