PUBG Corp announced the arrival of PUBG PC Season 4 on the platform’s test servers Wednesday alongside a new system for content updates and patch titles.

Writing in an announcement on Steam, the developer explained PUBG would move to a seasonal update system. As a result, patches will be named according to their release order in the given season.

PUBG PC Patch 4.1 — named for being the first update of Season 4 — is highlighted by the massive visual remaster of Erangel, changing the map’s appearance significantly and rebalancing its loot distribution.

Other major additions included in the update are Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath, a new cooperative mission system that allows players to work together toward rewards and milestones, Survival Title Season 4, extensive balance changes, and the introduction of an adaptive matchmaking system to improve queue times across all regions of the game.

Check out the full list of changes here.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp