PUBG Season 9 Start Date: When Does it Begin?

When does Season 9 begin?
When does Season 9 begin? / Photo by PUBG Corporation

PUBG Season 9 Start date is still a couple of months away. Season 8 began on July 21, and if historical season length trends are accurate there's still a while before it begins.

Season 8 of PUBG is currently based around a return to Sanhok and has seen various new additions enter the Battle Royale. While all great changes, this has players wondering what Season 9 will bring as well as when it will start. Find out more below.

PUBG Season 9 Start Date: When Does it Begin?

While there is no official confirmation for a PUBG Season 9 start date, expect it to begin near the end of October. Historically, PUBG seasons have lasted three months. Given the Season 8 start date of July 21, Season 9 is poised to begin around Oct. 21.

Given the vast amount of changes and various new additions that accompany any new PUBG season, it is no surprise players are already anticipating the start of Season 9. Whether the focus will be on new maps, weapons or vehicles is yet to be determined. Still, with over two months left of the current season be sure to make the most of Sanhok.