PUBG Shooting tips are important if you don't want to look like a complete idiot when you play PUBG. The real issue is that most players booting up PUBG are tryhards and fans of the game since 2017. If you're still struggling to shoot, it may be hopeless, or you're brand new and have a massive hill to climb.

Let's focus on the core mechanics.

PUBG Shooting Tips: Spray Control

Spray control is vital in PUBG. You can't simply aim at the center of an enemy and hold the trigger down. You'll end up maybe landing a shot or two before the rest of the magazine misses. I advise going into practice modes or different game modes where you can die and respawn and simply shooting weapons and learning the sprays.

PUBG Shooting Tips: Lightly Squeeze the Trigger

Once you've played the game long enough, you will be able to track your enemies down with a full spray of bullets, but while you're learning, don't squeeze the trigger relentlessly. You don't have aim assist in PUBG like most shooters, so if an opponent is moving, you will miss your shots behind the target. Instead of holding the trigger and hoping you'll line up the shot before you run out of bullets, stop shooting, reaim and try leading your target. It's common for opponents to move until they see they are getting shot at and then stop to fire back.

Shoot at your enemies, wait until they stop to see where they were being shot from, reaim and unload.

PUBG Shooting Tips: Learn Magazine Size and Weapon Choice

Unless you're shroud rocking just the M-4 with two different types of scopes, the best combo in the game seems to be a rifle and a sniper rifle. The game may have a short period of time during the start when SMGs and shotguns are viable, but that quickly evaporates.

Stick with these tips and you'll be sure to improve over time.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp