PUBG Squad Drives Straight Through a Building Untouched

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS squad finds odd portal bug
PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS squad finds odd portal bug / Photo Courtesy of PUBG Corp

A PLAYERUNKOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS squad found a strange portal bug in one of the houses on Erangel.

Finding bugs is always exciting and sometimes funny but they may not always be helpful. In this case, this bug is a combination of the two.

Redditor u/Thec0olguy and his squad found themselves driving across the map when they came upon a house hoping to maybe loot up or set up camp. However, little did they know, upon driving into the house and trying to stop, they would be instantly phased through the walls of the house and teleported outside.

After magically teleporting through a wall of the house, u/c0olguy's squadmate decided to drive back into the wall to see if the bug didn't just work going one way. The teammate was able to reenter the house through the same wall that they exited and popped out the other side.

While this is a fairly inconsequential bug, the PUBG community has been unhappy with PUBG Corp's handling of bugs and issues surrounding the game. Sanhok was the main focus of PUBG Console Update 8.1 but expect PUBG Corp to launch further updates addressing issues with other mechanics and maps in the coming weeks.