PUBG Streamer Compiles 101 In-Game Bugs in Video

PUBG streamer Rusk1turbo compiled more than 100 bugs in one video.
PUBG streamer Rusk1turbo compiled more than 100 bugs in one video. /

PUBG streamer Rusk1turbo created a video compiling 101 PUBG bugs, showing just how messy the state of PUBG currently is.

Rusk1turbo collected footage of almost all 101 bugs over the course of his 3,000 hours playing the game. He then uses footage from other popular PUBG streamers to cover gaps in his footage. No bug goes without a visual accompaniment.

The bugs in the video range from game breaking opportunities for player advantages to odd esoterica that have little impact on PUBG gameplay.

Here are a few highlights from the video:

  • A telephone pole in the middle of Rozhok, on Erangel, floats feet above the ground
  • A blocked doorway in Pecado, on Miramar, can be passed through, allowing players to see and shoot through the floors of the building
  • The stairs in one of the red Pecado apartments disappear at distances over 200 meters, allowing players to see and shoot through them
  • One tree southeast of Pochinki, on Erangel, is actually two trees placed on top of one another
  • Planes frequently travel backward at the start of matches (this bug has been in the game since early access)
  • Quantity buttons in the in-game store don't work
  • Death boxes for murdered players frequently only appear after a significant delay
  • Care packages land outside of obtainable areas
  • Cars parked too close to other objects will frequently react as if constantly crashing into those objects, dealing damage to the vehicle

"The goal of this video is not to spread hate towards the game, or its devs," Rusk1turbo said in the video. "It's strictly just to give my perspective of what I, as a player, but also as a viewer, experience and watch about PUBG."

"Hopefully by making this video, it will bring some bugs to light so that they can be fixed in the future."

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp