PUBG Streamer Manages to Win Despite Nearly Dying

Streamer manages to avoid death several times before securing win
Streamer manages to avoid death several times before securing win / Photo Courtesy of PUBG Corp

There are some games in PLAYERUKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS where players are meant to survive and win the game. It seems as though this streamer had been chosen to do just that. Win the match.

Watch how Redditor u/Jigga9792 somehow never died despite getting sniped, barely escaping a fight and getting caught in the blue zone.

Redditor u/Jigga9792 nearly dies about four times in the span of two minutes as the game closed out. First he applies a first aid kit and right after, he stands up and is instantly sniped and loses almost all his health. After recovering from that, he moves into the house where he finds a player hiding in a room. After spraying each other and neither of them dying, they both exit the house where Jigga9792 finds another player, who he kills.

After securing his seventh kill, he is on the fringes of the blue zone and runs into a warehouse where he almost dies two more times. However, he manages to survive and get two more kills before getting caught in the blue zone. Forced to move across open ground, Jigga9792 gets luck and finds two players across the field. After killing one, he is sprayed by the other before managing to go prone just in time. It can be agreed upon that the Redditor won this match through a combination of luck and skill.