PUBG Streamer Sends Turns a Random Bounce Into a Full Send

This PUBG streamer turned a full send into a send and a half.
This PUBG streamer turned a full send into a send and a half. / Courtesy of PUBG Corp

PUBG's wonky geometry by turns frustrates and amazes. One moment you're driving down the road, just vibing, and then the next you're hurtling through the air after your tires touched some errant polygon and released an unreal burst of kinetic energy. Where you land after the bounce is all that stands in the way of true frustration with the game.

This clip, posted to the PUBG Console subreddit Wednesday by PUBG streamer u/BigStinkyFeet (also known as Lukky Dogg), shows a combination of the two possible outcomes.

BigStinkyFeet starts the clip cruising down a road on Miramar. He spots an enemy player just off the road, and he veers toward them, angling for some vehicular manslaughter. What he doesn't see is the embankment just behind that enemy player.

The enemy dodges the car, and BigStinkyFeet crashes headlights first into the embankment. Its angle send the car just about 90 degrees into the air, kicking BigStinkyFeet out of the driver's seat. Driver and car fly through the air for about a second, which BigStinkyFeet uses to turn back toward the enemy who just avoided his attack.

When he lands, miraculously surviving the fall, he immediately drops into a firing stance. The enemy rounds a dilapidated bus and opens fire on him, so BigStinkyFeet tries to aim and shoot back all at once. The two players spray wildly, but BigStinkyFeet manages to land just one or two more shots, killing his opponent and completing the send.

Staring at his screen in shock, BigStinkyFeet hides behind a nearby wall to heal up. Instead, another car full of enemies comes tumbling side over side down a nearby mountain. BigStinkyFeet stands up and empties his magazine into the car, killing the two players inside in an instant. That's a send and a half.