PUBG Corp provided insight into the mechanics of throwables in a YouTube video published Sunday.

In the video — the first in a new series called PUBG Mechanics — a narrator explains the intricacies of throwable use.

Achieving maximum throw distance in PUBG requires a running start, a 45 degree angle and a release at the apex of a jump. The video states the distance between the horizon line and the top of the player's screen when facing forward is, generally speaking, a 45 degree angle.

At distances over 5 meters, the in-game trajectory angle becomes unreliable, and distance must be compensated for.

Grenades can be thrown underhand by right clicking before pressing left click to throw. This technique can be useful for reaching shorter distances, rolling grenades, or banking them off of pieces of the environment.

Grenade fuses vary in length. The stun grenade is the shortest at 2.5 seconds, followed by the smoke grenade at three seconds and the frag and Molotov cocktail at five seconds. Each grenade but the Molotov cocktail can be cooked by holding left click and pressing the "R" key.

Molotov cocktails are also unique in that they instantly destroy wooden doors on contact. Their flames also spread farther on wooden floors, while doubling up on Molotov cocktails will double the area of effect.

PUBG Corp did not indicate when the next video in the Mechanics series would debut.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp