PUBG Update 4.3 Brings Cross-Platform to Console

PUBG Update 4.3 has arrived on PTS servers for console, which means the patch will arrive on live servers in a matter of weeks. To try out the new changes, players will need to download the PTS version of the game in their appropriate store, either in the Microsoft or PlayStation store.

The PTS server went live on Sept. 25 and will continue until PUBG Corp announces the arrival of the patch on live servers.

PUBG Update 4.3 Brings Cross-Platform to Console

One of the biggest additions to the patch and to the franchise altogether is cross-platform play. PUBG Corp explained the system in the post, "Players can now be matched with players from the other console platform with Cross Platform Play. Cross Platform Play option can be turned on/off in "Settings - Gameplay - General Settings."

PUBG has long left its glory days of 2017, but this change may help pull back fans that left the franchise months ago. The only downside is players cannot group up with players from a different console which is something Fortnite still has over the rest of the competition. While it will still be satisfying to beat players from your rival console, the main appeal is to play with friends who are playing on either PS4 or Xbox One while you play on the other.

This may change down the road, but PUBG Corp has yet to reveal any type of release date for that system.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp