PUBG Update 6.2 Alters Karakin Loot Spawns

Karakin's loot spawns saw adjustment in PUBG Update 6.2
Karakin's loot spawns saw adjustment in PUBG Update 6.2 | PUBG Corp

PUBG Update 6.2 brought alterations to Karakin's loot pool to the PUBG PC test servers. The update will reach consoles in the coming weeks.

The 636C assault rifle and the MP5K submachine gun are now available on Karakin following player requests for their addition. Bandages spawn less frequently, while first aid kits and boost items spawn more frequently. Designated marksman rifles, sniper rifles and the Winchester 94 are rarer.

PUBG Corp previously adjusted Karakin loot rates based on player feedback, but found gameplay remained deviated from its expectations.

"First, healing items are still a bit too hard to find for how frequently people are fighting," PUBG Corp wrote in the Update 6.2 patch notes. "Second, Snipers and DMRs are really strong on Karakin."

"We know many of you prefer these guns on Karakin, but we feel that Karakin needs a little more risk for the reward of these weapons."

Care package planes now fly more quickly across the island.

The Karakin changes arrive alongside adjustments to throwables, a new team deathmatch mode and a parachute follow feature.