PUBG Update 6.2 Features Grenade Changes

Grenade changes arrive in PUBG Update 6.2, coming to consoles in the coming weeks
Grenade changes arrive in PUBG Update 6.2, coming to consoles in the coming weeks | Courtesy of PUBG Corp

PUBG Update 6.2 brought grenade changes to the battle royale's test servers Thursday. The update will likely arrive on consoles in the coming weeks.

In PUBG Update 6.2, vests mitigate damage from frag grenades without having their durability damaged they might when shot. Damage mitigation is determined by vest level and is equivalent to the mitigation applied to bullets.

Frag grenades deal 20% less damage to prone players and take 27 inventory capacity instead of 18. Pulling the pin of a frag grenade is louder and audible from farther away.

Smoke grenade fuse time is reduced from three seconds to one.

Stun grenade direct hit radius is now 6.5 meters, up from 5.5. The ringing sound produced impacts players through walls, matching the frag grenade mechanic with a smaller radius. Players near the explosion experience a slight camera shake. Stuns now explode either 0.7 seconds after impact or after the fuse timer runs out. The fuse time without cooking is now five seconds, while the cooking fuse timer of 2.5 seconds remains unchanged.

Molotov Cocktail fire spreads 50% faster and slightly farther, with an increased damage radius. Fire now spreads more consistently to the back side of objects, especially thin objects such as trees. Players standing in fire now receive direct damage, at a rate of 10 damage per second, in addition to damage over time.

The grenade changes arrive alongside adjustments to Karakin, a new parachute follow feature and a team deathmatch game mode.

Thursday's update went live on the PC test servers, with an update to the console servers expected soon.