PUBG Bots Coming to PC In PUBG Update 7.2

Bots will hit PUBG PC in Update 7.2.
Bots will hit PUBG PC in Update 7.2. / Courtesy of PUBG Corp

Bots will finally arrive on PC in PUBG Update 7.2, scheduled for release May 20.

Bots will appear in normal PUBG games — those played outside of the upcoming ranked mode — and will appear less frequently as player skill increases. They will perform many of the same actions as players, but cannot lean, jump, ledge grab, or use throwables. That functionality will arrive at a later date.

Actions taken against bots in-game will count toward missions, Survival and Weapon Master, and platform achievements and trophies.

PUBG Corp acknowledged that console players, who have played with bots for weeks now, have been less than thrilled with their addition.

"This update also brings Bots to PC severs, which we know has been a controversial topic among the Community the last few weeks," it wrote in the patch notes. "Rest assured, we plan on making improvements to how bots currently work and most importantly, bots will NOT be in Ranked Mode games."

PUBG Update 7.2 arrived on test servers Wednesday, but bots won't appear in-game until Thursday. The update hits consoles May 26.