PUBG Vehicle Vanishes Before Plummeting to Fiery Death

Photos taken moments before disaster.
Photos taken moments before disaster. | Photo by PUBG Corp

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS may not be bug-free today, but it used to be a significantly more messy affair. Vehicles, in particular, caused more than their fair share of bizarre bugs and happenings.

This clip, posted to the PUBG Console subreddit Friday by u/KR0MD0M, shows one example of the mania that could occasionally afflict the game's vehicles.

While riding around Erangel on a motorcycle, KR0MD0M and their teammate heard a UAZ nearby as they pulled up to a cluster of buildings. The UAZ revealed itself a moment later before appearing to drive straight into the rear wheel of the motorcycle. Rather than cause a collision, the UAZ disappeared entirely.

KR0MD0M and their teammate hopped off the bike to look around for the truck, but couldn't see it anywhere. Bewildered, they turned to start looting the buildings ahead of them. Then the UAZ fell from the sky and exploded in a fiery ball of death, killing its two passengers.

How did it get in the sky? How far did it fly before plummeting down to Earth? Only PLAYERUNKNOWN can say.