PUBG Vehicles to Have Music

A screenshot from the upcoming PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS patch revealed that vehicle music is coming to the game. PC Update 4.1 is now available on the Test Server.

The screenshot, captured by Reddit user PlayerIGN, showcases new key bindings for the feature. Key bindings for re-skinning a vehicle, playing and changing vehicle audio and the volume control.

Here's a look at the screenshot from the PUBG Reddit.

PUBG Corp to Add Vehicle Music in PUBG PC Update 4.1

Here's everything included regarding vehicle music in the 4.1 patch notes:

  • Added Car Audio feature to play preset music while inside a car
  • Only the driver can control this feature
  • Car audio will stay turned on even after players exit the vehicle
  • Turning the audio on and off while inside a vehicle will play random music
  • Music will stop playing automatically after a full song
  • Music can be stopped by destroying or flooding the vehicle

Although, it's a fun feature to differentiate itself from the likes of Fortnite and Blackout. Fans question, however, whether or not this feature might turn into a microtransaction pit with PUBG Corp selling custom music tracks.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp