PUBG Corp revealed Weapon Mastery, new progression feature, in a Monday development blog.

Each weapon will now have a series of levels PUBG players can progress through by dealing damage, knocking down enemies, or killing them. The harder the shots and the more enemies a player defeats, the quicker they’ll earn Weapon XP.

With enough Weapon XP, they’ll level up. Every 10 levels of Weapon Mastery promotes a player to the next Mastery Tier, of which there are 10. Each Mastery Tier promotion will come with an emblem and a reward. Those rewards will include charms, a new cosmetic that resembles a keychain hanging off of the player’s gun. There will be 20 charms available at launch.

Players can only unlock Weapon Mastery rewards by working their way through the levels, and will not be able to buy progress.

Players will also be able to see weapon-specific stats in the Mastery menu, which will incorporate elements from the Last Match screen while replacing it.

PUBG Corp also introduced a new medals system to highlight accomplishments from each game.

PUBG Corp will host an AMA on the PUBG subreddit Monday about the new Weapon Mastery system. The system arrives on the PUBG PC public test server Wednesday, with a live server release scheduled for the following Wednesday. The system is still in development for PUBG Xbox and PlayStation 4.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp