PUBG Xbox and PS4 Ban Policy Explained

PUBG Corp has released a developer blog post detailing its ban policy on PUBG Xbox and PlayStation 4.

PUBG Corp describes the post as an attempt to increase transparency between PUBG Corp and its player base. It defines each type of misconduct worthy of punishment and how each category is punished.

The harshest punishments are applied to using another player’s account, modifying a game client, server or game data, and using, developing advertising, trading or distributing “unauthorized programs and hardware devices.” All three offenses receive permanent bans on a player’s first attempt.

Next up are exploiting major bugs, committing discriminatory acts and stalking. Each earns a 30-day ban on first offense, with a permanent ban on second offense.

The most lenient punishments are meted out for exploiting minor bugs, using inappropriate language, or interfering with gameplay. The maximum punishment listed for these acts is a 30-day ban after three offenses. PUBG Corp has not shared further punishments for further offenses.

Exactly what constitutes inappropriate language or gameplay interference is not immediately clear.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp