The Secret Agent Agent Community Event launched Friday alongside the release of Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card on PUBG Xbox and PlayStation 4.

The event allows players to create their own creative challenge for themselves around the theme of sneaking and stealth. If they complete their mission and share a screenshot or video on Twitter using the hashtag #PUBGSecretAgent, they'll have the chance to win a ticket bestowing five levels on the Survivor Pass for free.

In a Reddit post, PUBG Xbox community manager Porcini shared examples that included emoting behind an enemy or sneaking into an enemy vehicle.

The event lasts from 3 a.m. ET Friday to 3 a.m. ET Thursday. Over the course of the event, PUBG Corp will select its top 40 submissions and awarding each with a 5 Level Up ticket. Winners will be contacted via Twitter, and non-console submissions will be discounted.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp