PUBG Corp announced plans Thursday to introduce a hotfix for game freezes.

The servers for PUBG Xbox and PlayStation 4 will be closed for two hours starting Friday at 3 a.m. ET to apply the hotfix. PUBG Corp did not explain the conditions causing the in-game freezes, but the use of a hotfix may imply the bug causing the freezes was relatively prevalent.

This is the second hotfix PUBG Corp has applied to PUBG Xbox and PlayStation 4 in the past week following one deployed Tuesday to address pre- and mid-match crashes and a bug resetting players' autoequip attachment settings. It is also the third round of hotfixes issued since the release of PUBG Xbox and PS4 Update 8 went live June 27.

None of the hotfixes released so far have addressed the "Lost Connection to Host" bug players have resumed reporting since Update 8 went live. That bug first began appearing with regularity in August 2018 and remained common for months, becoming a symbol of what players perceived as PUBG Corp's lacking efforts to improve the playability of its game.

PUBG Corp has publicly stated it is seeking a fix for the "Lost Connection to Host" bug.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp