PUBG Xbox Hotfix Coming This Week

PUBG Xbox will undergo maintenance Thursday.
PUBG Xbox will undergo maintenance Thursday. /

PUBG Corp will deploy a hotfix Thursday when PUBG Xbox and PlayStation 4 servers are closed for maintenance, the developer announced Tuesday.

Per a tweet announcing the planned downtime, server downtime will begin at 3 a.m. ET and continue for one hour. During that time, PUBG Corp's fix will attempt to resolve instances of game crashing caused by weapon charms and rendering problems.

Charms are a cosmetic that typically hangs on keychains from in-game weapons. They arrived on PUBG Xbox in the June 27 update alongside auto equip attachments, the second round of Erangel loot rebalance changes, and the Weapon Mastery progression system.

The PUBG Xbox June 27 update also brought the return of the "Lost Connection to Host" bug. That bug previously affected PUBG Xbox for months in the wake of its official 1.0 release. PUBG Corp has yet to release a fix for the bug, which prevents players from joining games under certain unknown conditions.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp